Kintanti srovė ~ 2.0 Alternating Current ~ 2.0

Technika: Šviesos ir garso instaliacija

Kintantys matmenys

Photo: Gintautas Trimakas

Curator: Asta Vaičiulytė

The first version of Alternating Current was created specifically for the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius and its architectural and historical context. The work consisted of a sound installation, comprised of a custom-made antenna covering the entire surface of the building’s roof and a sound sculpture installed in the CAC’s North Hall, as well as a series of events during which the sculpture became a stage for live performances. A new version of the project is presented at ArtVilnius’21, adapted for the LITEXPO exhibition space that ties the main elements of the work – sculptural forms, sound and light – together with new conceptual and spatial links.