Technika: polyrethane foam, plaster, latex, polyester, metal details
Išmatavimai: 90x130x110 cm
Kaina: 500 – 1000 eur

“Grillz” is an artwork that invites contemplation about the human desire for recognition, it emphasizes the allure of status symbols and their enduring presence throughout human history. Männa’s concept of the sculpture involves the potential of the viewer’s active involvement.


The sculpture is made with collaboration with a performance artist Henri Hütt (1985).


Henri Hütt is an artist and curator whose creative spectre centres around technological performative acts, staged exhibitions, performative installations/installative performances, post-dance concepts and other „not there yet” formats. He has directed pieces where all (local) theatres are together and also pieces where one can focus on a minimalistic microtonal afterlife. „The more you do, the less you will be remembered“ is definitely one of his ongoing and paradoxical drives in creation.