Dr. GoraParasit

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Dr. GoraParasit

This time Dr.GoraParasit’s cursors slip into the TikTok frames to perform an algorithmic sentiment analysis of Shakespearean plays.

In ‘TikTok Shakespeare’  the concept of  “All the world’s a stage” (As You Like It, 2.7.140) Dr.GoraParasit marries TikTok with Shakespeare’s scripts.

Artists emphasise the bridge between audience, actors, and stage, social media and social networks are bridges that link people with the events and experiences of other people.

In TikTok Shakespeare, Dr. GoraParasit is navigating highkey tiktok hyperlinks, whilst alginating  Shakespearean characters into latex vacuum sculpture monuments, call it in the ring of wrestling, inviting for an elliptical spiritual exercise that seeks out access to digitally dismantled psyche. In ‘TikTok Shakespeare’,

Dr. GoraParasit sets the stage for Sus (= suspicious) transformation, from thinking about social media effect on us  in the present tense and the personal sense, to thinking about culture within social media  in an expansive, biggest picture possible way.

With respect to long-term futures, is it possible that Shakespeare’s scripts  are preserved in some way within social media algorithms  for future generations, if anything? Smh