Materials: Canvas, acrylic, steel, plastic, rubber.
Size: 220x330x220 cm
Price: 16 000 Eur

A work of art is inspired by everyday life and simplicity. In this case, the household is transcendentally exalted as an inspirer, a prompter and a poser. It reveals itself in all its mystical reality, through materiality, smell, reflections, sounds. The smell, sound, color and reflectivity of metal remind me of the work and days spent in a metal processing factory working with metal in various ways – milling, turning, grinding. The mattness or glossiness of the material caused me various associations and sparked my imagination – it transformed the banal craftsmanship of a carpenter into a strange, different household, filled with images and visions. Night shifts and fatigue added their own filters to vision. Even the awkward situations that made me feel like a tiny creature standing and working at a gigantic metalworking machine and hearing only the loud and fast spinning chuck, expanded the boundaries of imagination and revealed a magically real world. You just wanted to stop, watch and be there. There are three layers in the work –the flat painted picture, the lines of metal bands receding from it and the metal structure standing in front of the picture should raise doubts as to  what is real and tangible in this image, and what is just a fake replica of reality. The decorative, coloured paper folds betray the flatness and uncertainty of the composition of the painting. At the same time pointing to unreality in reality.