Polocko g. 10 LT-01204 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +370 616 19201 vilma@apgalerija.lt https://www.apgalerija.lt
Živilė Jankutė
Vilma Jankienė
Stand: 5.10
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Donatas Pirštelis
Audronė Petrašiūnaitė
Milena Pirštelienė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Ramūnas Čeponis
Arvydas Pakalka
Audronė Petrašiūnaitė
Milena Pirštelienė
Viktoras Paukštelis
Adasa Skliutauskaitė

Gallery has been open for 5 years. Every month we organize art tastings (this is a patented art event) for adults and children as well as regular month-long exhibitions. We are focused on the presentation of the works of Lithuanian artists. We also trade of works of art, consult and operate the e-shop www.apgalerija.lt.

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