ARKA. Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Aušros Vartų str. 7 01304 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +37052121319 Facebook: /arkagalerija Instagram: @galerijaarka YouTube: /arkagalerija
Evelina Januškaitė
Lietuvos dailininkų sąjunga
Stand: 3.10
„ArtVilnius’23“ presented artists:
Mykolė Ganusauskaitė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Galerija atstovauja Lietuvos dailininkų sąjungos narius.

The gallery “ARKA” was founded by the Lithuanian Artist‘s Association in 1990 and is centrally located in the old town of Vilnius. Gallery is working in the field of contemporary art and cultural exchange projects, as well as organizing solo, group, curatorial exhibitions. The aim of the gallery is to create a favorable microclimate for the creative expression of artists, catalyze their professional activity by bringing together recognized and young artists, create a sustainable and representative field of culture in the region, act innovatively meeting the expectations of contemporary art and the society, ensure the dissemination of the culture and development of professional art, promote interinstitutional partnership in the cultural sector.

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