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Andželika Baroti
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„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
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Augustas Bidlauskas
Isroildžon Baroti
Petras Lincevičius
Rodionas Petrovas
Eglė Vertelkaitė

The gallery had already started to work in 1992. Initially, it was one of the first private galleries in Klaipeda and Lithuania. 1997 the status of the gallery changed, its founder became the newly established Klaipėda County Artists’ Union. However, it was decided not to change the name of the gallery, as Isroildjon Baroti remained the main generator of ideas for its activities, and his wife Angelika Baroti became the director of the gallery.
During its 29 years of work, Baroti Gallery has established itself in the list of best Lithuanian art galleries. It presents about 15 exhibitions of contemporary art every year, organizes several international or republican art projects, organizes chamber concerts, book presentations, art performances and other city or cultural celebrations. Another very important activity of the gallery is the presentation of Lithuanian artists to foreign audiences. Baroti gallery collaborated with galleries and other cultural institutions in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, the Netherlands, and other countries.
The gallery present artists in three main directions: 1. First of all, now we look quite different at the legacy of the 20th century. Therefore, the gallery continues the cycle of exhibitions “Classics of the 20th Century”, which presents the most outstanding artists of the last century, controversially assessed or not shown at all during the Soviet era (J. Švažas, A.Gudaitis, V.Šerys, L.Katinas, J.Čeponis, A.Skačkauskas etc.) . 2. The gallery presents today’s exceptional talents, well-known in the art world market both in Lithuania and abroad (Marytė Švažienė, Vilmantas Marcinkevičius, R.Čeponis, Dainius Liškevičius, Remigijus Treigys, Linas Liandzbergis, Audrius Gražys, Rodion Petroff). III. The gallery is looking for young talents who it could help to establish themselves in the cultural field (P. Lincevičius, A. Bidlauskas, etc.).
The main vision of the future of Baroti Gallery is to present Lithuanian artists to the foreign market and the audience as widely as possible. To this end, the gallery participates in international art fairs (every year we participate in the international art fair “Art’Vilnius”, where in 2020 we were awarded as the best gallery; in 2020 we participated in the fair “Positions” in Berlin, Germany).