Vytauto g. 54 LT-32309 Dusetos, Zarasų r., Lithuania Tel. +37038 56878, +37061233086 dusetu.galerija@gmail.com www.dusetukultura.l Facebook: /dusetukulturoscentras YouTube: @kulturoscentrasdusetudaile8237
Alvydas Stauskas
Zarasų rajono savivaldybė
Normantė Ribokaitė
Stand: 5.30
All gallery’s presented artists:
Normantė Ribokaitė
Rima Leipuvienė
Algirdas Gaižauskas
Vilija Visockienė

The mission of the Dusetai Art Gallery of the Culture Center is to initiate and ensure the identity of the Lithuanian national culture, to nurture the cultural distinctiveness of the Dusetai region, to take care of the development of modern culture. To carry out cultural exchanges with foreign countries, to seek to create comfortable conditions for the free expression and development of culture. Bringing together artists and photographers living in the Dusetai region and originating from here, organizing exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, presenting their work. Cultural center Dusetų Art Gallery organizes photography exhibitions, plein airs, symposia, publishes information publications, art albums. Since 2008, the Dusetai Sculpture Park has been under development.
Dusetai Art Gallery was founded in 1995.

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