Sct. Mathias Gade str. 14 8800 Viborg, Denmark Tel. +45 86 62 82 24 Facebook: /galleriNB Instagram: @nbgalleri YouTube: /galleriNB/videos
Thorkild NB Nielsen
Thorkild NB Nielsen
Thorkild NB Nielsen
Stand: 3.19
„ArtVilnius’23“ presented artists:
All gallery’s presented artists:
Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

Galleri NB remains among Denmark’s biggest galleries maintaining a strong international profile. Artistic quality, dynamics, reliability and service are key words for the gallery. Our mission is to share the passion for valuable art with as many people as possible.

Galleri NB was founded in 1987 by Thorkild NB Nielsen and has continuously developed ever since – artistically as well as in proportions and content. The gallery is located in the central part of Viborg, sustaining a 600 m2 exhibition space and showroom.

Our collaboration with artists from around the world has gifted many people with artistic experiences as well as opportunities for expanding one’s art collection. During the years the gallery has built up a solid international network.

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