Francesco Giannattasio
Francesco Giannattasio
Stand: 3.25
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Fiorenza Mariotti
Birute Nomeda Stankuniene
All gallery’s presented artists:
Bernard Aubertin
Sergi Barnils
Vinicio Berti
Valérie Buffetaud
Tommaso Cascella
Lluìs Cera
Piero Dorazio
Gianni Dorigo
Giosetta Fioroni
Alvaro Monnini
Hermann Nitsch
Friederike Oeser
Achille Perilli
Cesare Reggiani
Eliana Sevillano
Karl Stengel
Antana Sutkus
Andrè Vranken

Active for more than twenty years in Florence, has Immaginaria specialized in promoting artistic expressions such as classic abstraction and the informal contemporary, hosting not only well known artists but also emerging artists, and bringing their works to important exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. The aim of the space is to give value to time, taking it away from the increasingly bewildered rhythm of everyday life. The space is the means to get to know and explore different worlds communicating and cooperating to enhance the intensity and quality of our experiences».
A meeting place and hangout, place of friendship and hospitality and providing a dialogue and comparison of the vivacity of ideas, Immaginaria has been and will continue to be a theatre of events dedicated to art, literature, music, organizing exhibitions, book presentations, live performances and tasting.

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