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Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery is the largest visual art centre in Aukštaitija Ethnographic Region, Lithuania. Founded in 1990, the gallery has been expanding over time and now has three departments – the Art Gallery, the Ceramics Pavilion and the Photography Gallery, located in the very heart of Panevėžys.
Professional painters, photographers, creators of interdisciplinary art from Panevėžys, Lithuania and abroad are presented in the exhibition spaces of the gallery. Every year, the gallery organizes over 30 personal or group exhibitions. Due to variety of genres the visitors are offered a wide and interesting field of knowledge of visual art.
The gallery is unique in the accumulated collection of chamotte (stone mass) ceramics. It is the largest of its kind in the Eastern European region. The collection includes more than 670 works and compositions created by 186 artists from 37 countries of the world, including global luminaries of contemporary ceramic art.
The collection has been accumulated since 1990 from the works of Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums. These symposiums were of great importance for the development of contemporary Lithuanian ceramics and art history experts call them the „School of Panevėžys”. The gallery’s work in the field of contemporary ceramics has made it known in the global context of ceramic art. Since 2017, the gallery has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC, Switzerland, Geneva).
Most of the pieces in the collection are sculptural ceramics and can be exhibited outdoors. Thus, some of them can be seen in the inner yard of the gallery at any time of the year. Depending on the season, nature accents add to the outdoor exhibition of ceramics: bunches of blooming chestnuts, the green colour of summer grass, the ochre of autumn leaves or the white background of snow.
The gallery invites visitors to the excursion „Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums: facts and amazing stories”. During it, the curtain is opened to the backstage of the organization of symposiums and at the same time the door is opened to a special place of the gallery – the storage place of ceramic works.
The gallery visitors are invited to be not only observers but also creators. Educational creative programs are organized here for groups of various ages and interests. During them, participants have the opportunity to develop self-expression, creativity and make an original artistic work. Various techniques and methods are used for this: monotype, pastel, watercolour. Ceramic creative classes are especially popular. Visitors are also invited to try a simulated pottery wheel, which reveals all the stages of creating a chamotte vase.
In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts art conferences, seminars, concerts, performances, and interdisciplinary art events. In summer, some cultural events move to the inner yard. The most popular of the events are „Lunch on the Grass”, the festival „Summer of Wind Orchestras”. Every year, during the International Night of Museums, the gallery involves the visitors into an active learning process about art. This lasts until midnight.
The buildings of all three divisions of the gallery are located in the historical part of the city of Panevėžys. The main exhibition space of the Art Gallery is located in the recently renovated XIXth century building. The restored authentic red brick masonry suits well to the contemporary lines and forms of the building’s facade. This space is closely connected to the new architecture of Ceramics Pavilion. The Photography Gallery, located just nearby, welcomes visitors with a cosy environment. All these spaces invite art lovers to stop for a longer period at the exhibited works, to examine them more carefully, to reflect.
Those who want to get deeper into the history of art, browse art albums and catalogues are welcome in the gallery’s new library – an information centre full of art publications issued by the gallery, as well as books about visual art in various world languages donated by Lithuanian and foreign artists, curators, teachers and sponsors.
In 2016, the global website „Culture Trip” recognized the gallery as one of the ten most important galleries in the Baltic States.
In 2021, the gallery was declared as the best in the category of museums, manors, castles and other visited objects in the study of the assessment of the attractiveness of Lithuanian tourist areas initiated by the National Tourism Promotion Agency „Travel in Lithuania”.
The results of the research emphasize, among other things, that Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery operates at a convenient time, information stands are available to visitors and the staff provides helpful services in Lithuanian and English.
In 2022, after widening the field of evaluation objects, Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery entered the „Top-25” in the category of museums, manors, castles and other visited objects in the evaluation study of the infrastructure of Lithuanian tourist area. The gallery was also rated the best among Panevėžys tourism facilities. A total of 506 museums, manors, castles and other visited objects in Lithuania were evaluated in the research initiated by the agency „Travel in Lithuania” agency. 41 tourist objects were evaluated in the city of Panevėžys.

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