RAMYBĖS galerija

Vytauto str. 35 00131 Palanga, Lithuania Tel. +37068731778 palanga@ramybesgalerija.lt www.ramybepalanga.lt/galerija/apie_galerija/ Facebook: /galerijaramybes Instagram: @galerija_ramybe
Arvydas Samukas
Gaiva Samukienė
Gaiva Samukienė
Stand: 5.13
„ArtVilnius’23“ presented artists:
Dalia Kirkutienė
Adelė Liepa Kaunaitė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Adelė Liepa Kaunaitė
Dalia Kirkutienė

Gallery Ramybė is located in Vytautas street,Palanga, which is referred to as the Summer Capital of Lithuania, close to the Botanical Park and the sea.
This gallery of contemporary art is one of the most active galleries in the Lithuanian resort. It offers a chamber space for exhibitions, international art residencies, creative workshops. There are constantly exhibited artworks of visual and applied arts, presenting various styles and different periods by well-known local artists, Lithuanian diaspora abroad, as well as the artists from foreign countries. Visitors can buy favorite paintings, prints, jewelry,
ceramics, etc.
„Ramybe“ organizes the local and international art projects, conducts activities of creative education, provides space for organizers of other projects. Gallery cherishes nice, constructive relationships with various national creative unions (of artists, architects, art photographers, writers,etc.) and cross-cultural institutions.

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