Kęstučio av. 2 20274 Ukmergė, Lithuania Tel. 8 699 95274 Facebook: Trys kaimai / Three Hamlets
VšĮ „Trys kaimai“
Oksana Judakova
Stand: 5.16
„ArtVilnius’20“ presented artists:
Vadim Šamkov
Juozapas Kalnius
Žilvinas Glušinskas
Tomas Terekas
All gallery’s presented artists:
Violeta Bubelytė
Arūnas Kulikauskas
Irena Misevičienė
Tom Persinger (JAV)
Rolandas Rimkūnas
Vadim Šamkov
Tomas Terekas
Spiffy Tumbleweed (JAV)
The “Vilkamirgė” gallery was founded in Ukmergė in the spring of 2017, and exhibiting since then. The objective of the gallery is to present professional art and to contribute to the expansion of Ukmergė culture. The direction of the gallery is clear – show professional art. We don’t measure professionalism by the level of education, but by the depth and devotion to art. That’s why “Vilkamirgė” gallery will show not only well known Lithuanian artists, the masters of their fields, but also the exhibitions of unknown artists, who never studied art, but are dedicated to their work. The gallery is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.
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