Vilniaus fotografijos meno centras 7:14

Dūmų g. 3 LT-11119 Vilnius, Lietuva Tel. +37067622803 Facebook: /VFMC714 Instagram: @vfmc714
Dovilė Dagienė
Dovilė Dagienė
Stand: 5.4
All gallery’s presented artists:
Dovilė Dagienė
Mindaugas Garbėnas
Agnė Gintalaitė
Virgilijus Usinavičius

Vilnius Photography Art Center “7:14” is an independent platform dedicated for reflecting photography and visual culture through artistic research, interviews and curatorial practice. Established in 2020, the center maintains collaborations and institutional partnerships to encourage authors in developing a variety of artistic activities related with photographic media. VFMC 7:14 also initiates exhibitions, public events, meetings and cultural exchanges.

The photography center is located in Vilnius, a place where the shortest day of the year lasts 7 hours 14 minutes.

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