June 13, 2015
Lucid Ways is as alliteration in which two Dutch artists seek the boundaries of known territory and work in pairs to form a contextualized artistic project. Central to the collaboration is pushing the borders to their own work and finding conceptual level in cooperation with each other, thereby ratifying the possibilities of this crossover. The end result of the experiment could be labelled as a snapshot or stage in their own research and work.
During the art fair, both artist are looking forward to welcoming a wide audience to their Q&A in which they will answer questions about their individual work and artistic project in pairs. Also Steye Felix will give an impressive performance that acts as an illustration to his artistic work. The performance is supported by music and lies on the brink of entertainment. Throughout the illustration Steye Felix sings songs he produced himself. They create an atmosphere in which you can distinguish dreamy beats and Steye’s subtle, soft and controlled voice. Melancholy lights and cloud plumes of smoke mark all. The same performance can be part of a radio-show in combination with a radio-interview about our new way of working and entrepreneurship in the art world and with artists.
About the artists 
Steye Felix (1990, NL) uses abstract works as a subtle interface between conventional concepts, the use of material and artistic discourse. While his paintings are full-bodied, rarely transparent and made with deliberate layered brushstrokes, his mixed-media installations are transparent, airy and light. Beyond any kind of harmony, Steye Felix makes his work playful and askew. In his most recent project, references can be found to kitschy interiors decorated with fake Swarovski signs and chandeliers.
Astrid Mingels (1987, NL) explores the tension between the material and immaterial/virtual by using installations and video projections. In her work, she visualizes the value of ‘subjects’ and connects the recurring concept of still life, the ‘immortality industry’, time, fake emotions and antiquity. In her latest work, Astrid Mingels is drawn to the presentation of the subject of immortality. Acquiring that, is a drive and challenge every artist – perhaps unconsciously – faces.
About Eightfold
Eightfold (Rotterdam, NL) is an independent Art & Music Label working as a curatorial platform for an international selection of artists and musicians. Eightfold focuses its program on the artistic process; the interaction between the thinking and making. This provides both interesting projects and the professional development of talent.
It is our mission to unlock the world of art to a wider audience. We shape this idea through accessibility, online sales, new forms of cooperation and crossovers. Not dependent on specific media, we look for uniqueness in a world of mass production and are guided by the question of how to create a new meaning to art.
Eightfold is initiated by Maaike Kerman and Dragan Barisic.