Pregnant Silence



Materials: Dance Installation
Size: 3000x2000x2000 cm

Can we talk about the individuality of memory? Could there be anything more ephemeral, fleeting and temporary than memory? When we think about what happened, we inevitably push the boundaries of the linearity of time. Therefore, the “Pregnant Silence” installation exists between eternity and temporality, individuality and collegiality, lightness and difficulty. It is a collective meditative existence that allows you to find silence in the noise as a contrast to the rushing world.

“Pregnant Silence” is not only a moment of silence filled with meaning but also an open thread of life in which one personality and all others connect as if in the DNA chain of culture. The visible installation is not an attribute of the past, it is a moment in which all forms of time and existence seem to fit. As if in a bent string of time, where yesterday, today and tomorrow are only concepts but not reality.

In this meta-reality that is not subject to the laws of everyday life, not only creators and performers exist, but also the viewer himself. He becomes not so much an observer of memory as a resident, practically travelling in the openwork memory field, becoming a participant and actor of this time. It’s just a few days, during which the cyclical nature of time is revealed in a moment, one body in which a whole swarm fits like a beehive so that the entire world around lives. In front of you is a body, like a painting of time, a moment full of meaning, which can be difficult, unbearable, or easy and transparent at the same time. “Pregnant Silence” is an experience which becomes personal for each visitor.


Creative team: Aira Naginevičiūtė, Darius A. Stankevičius, Anna-Marija Adomaitytė, Goda Laurinavičiūtė, Erika Vizbaraitė, Greta Grinevičiūtė, Toby Gunn, Arūnas Adomaitis, Laura Darbutaitė, Dominykas Digimas, Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė


Financed by: Lithuanian Cultural Council

Partners: NT Statyba, Montis magia, Layher Baltic